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Listed first are some academic studies. London, Docklands, England Dr Morag Stuart carried out a study in London’s Docklands where almost all the children speak a dialect of Bengali called Sylheti. (The families were recent immigrants from Bangladesh). While the experimental group were taught with Jolly Phonics. the control group were taught with big storybooks, a popular method based on word memorisation. The results are summarised at the base of the page numbered 602. The results show a large average […]

Jolly Phonics Case Studies

  Case Studies The Case Studies below show how schools around the world have used Jolly Phonics and the results they have achieved. Their success story is told in their own words. Phoenix Country Day School, Arizona, USA – How this school got their students reading & writing from Pre-K. Hillcrest Primary School, Perth, Australia – How this school increased the reading age of its students by up to 3 years. Tudor CEVC Primary School, Suffolk, UK  – How this school transformed its […]

USA Phonics Sample “B” Lesson Whiteboard Software !!!!

Jolly Phonics 4 Year Old Class

Annabel 4 years old


Finger Phonics Big Book

Sample Jolly Phonics lesson- “S” using only 3 books!


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Readers who start early end up ahead forever!!!!!

Early Literacy: Policy and Practice in the Preschool Years By: Dorothy Strickland and Shannon Riley-Ayers As early childhood education moves front and center in the public policy debate, more attention is being paid to early literacy. Early childhood professionals have long recognized the importance of language and literacy in preparing children to succeed in school. Early literacy plays a key role in enabling the kind of early learning experiences that research shows are linked with academic achievement, reduced grade retention, […]