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Listed first are some academic studies. London, Docklands, England Dr Morag Stuart carried out a study in London’s Docklands where almost all the children speak a dialect of Bengali called Sylheti. (The families were recent immigrants from Bangladesh). While the experimental group were taught with Jolly Phonics. the control group were taught with big storybooks, a popular method based on word memorisation. The results are summarised at the base of the page numbered 602. The results show a large average […]

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Annabel 4 years old

Sample Jolly Phonics lesson- “S” using only 3 books!


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Systematic/Synthetic Phonics The following article originally appeared in Literacy & Learning magazine, Autumn 1997 (UK). What sort of phonics? Systematic Phonics: the latest research Dr Rhona S. Johnston and Joyce Watson are researchers at the School of Psychology, University of St Andrews, Fife, Scotland. The teaching of phonics is now a prescribed element of the Government’s strategy for raising literacy standards. But how should phonics be taught and when? Dr Rhona Johnston and Joyce Watson report on the findings of […]