Case Studies

The Case Studies below show how schools around the world have used Jolly Phonics and the results they have achieved. Their success story is told in their own words.

Phoenix Country Day School, Arizona, USA – How this school got their students reading & writing from Pre-K.

Hillcrest Primary School, Perth, Australia – How this school increased the reading age of its students by up to 3 years.

Tudor CEVC Primary School, Suffolk, UK  – How this school transformed its literacy teaching in just one year.

O’Sullivan Beach, SA, Australia  – How one school transformed their literacy standards.

Cross River state, Nigeria – Six primary schools in Cross River state, Nigeria

Lagos, Nigeria – Corona School, Lagos, Nigeria

Eligin, IA – Valley School, Elgin, Iowa, USA

Rolling Meadows, IL – Kimball High School, Rolling Meadows, Illinois, USA

Malaysia – Teachers in Malaysia speak about the effect of Jolly Phonics in their schools

Seoul, Korea – Sullivan School, Seoul, South Korea

Palatine, IL – Virginia Lake School, Palatine, Illinois, USA

Niagara, Ont – College Street School, Smithville, Niagara, Ontario, Canada

Yorkshire – Birstall County J & I School, Birstall, West Yorkshire, England

Sydney – Our Lady of Lebanon College, Sydney, Australia

Bluewater, Ont – Amabel Sauble Public School, Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada

Scotland – Deerpark Primary School, Alloa, Clackmannashire, Scotland

Toronto – Ridgewood Public School, Mississauga

Bristol – St Michael’s School, Stoke Gifford (near Bristol), England

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For longtime Breezy Mama readers, you may remember Katie helping us get our bodies back into shape post-baby. Today, since her kids are getting older (and staying in school longer days), Katie is doing less training and more of her “real” job of teaching. (Katie has a Multiple Subjects Credential and a Masters in Education.) She says that the Jolly Phonics program is “. . . the best I’ve seen in my 10 years of teaching in 3 different countries.”

From Katie:

I am happy to introduce an amazing synthetic phonics program that will get your child reading and writing up to 1 year ahead of their peers!  Jolly Phonics is a multi-sensory phonics program that isused in over 100 countries around the world, with over half a dozen using Jolly Phonics as government policy.  The English government has made synthetic phonics government policy for delivering early literacy and Jolly Phonics is a recommended resource.

Jolly Phonics is backed up by rigorous research. There have been several academic studies: at the University of Toronto in Canada, in London and in Scotland.  All studies found that after a year of use, on average, the students reading age was a year ahead and spelling slightly further. The boys did as well as the girls, and there was no difference for English Language Learners vs Native English speakers.  The number of children requiring remedial help was dramatically reduced using Jolly Phonics, and it was proven beneficial for children with Special Education needs.  Jolly Phonics is a 3-year program that can start in Preschool or Kindergarten.

I have been teaching on and off for 10 years (off while my kids were young) in 3 different countries!  I am now bringing back an amazing gift from Europe! Jolly Phonics is the best phonics system I have seen in the 3 countries I have taught in (US, Czech and Finland).  Each sound (42 of them in the English Language) has a story, song and action that go with it.  It therefore reaches all the learning modalities (auditory, visual and kinesthetic).  After learning the first 6 sounds (s, a, t, i, p, n) the children are blending and reading words like sat, pin, tip, at, nip….  This makes the children confident readers after only a few lessons!  All of the materials (workbooks, story books, DVDs, interactive software, games, flashcards, etc.) are available for schools or in home use.  If you would like any information about Jolly Phonics feel free to email me. I can show you the resources and order anything you need for your child.   Jolly Phonics is designed to start at Age 3 and continues for 3 years! Please help me spread the word about Jolly Phonics and make reading and writing fun for our little ones!

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